Lucio is a young producer and dj from Isernia, a little town in the middle of Italy, between Rome and Naples. He is a resident dj of Roof Club.
Lucio is a dj/producer, resident of the Roof Club located in Isernia. His musical career began from an early age with the study of percussion. Growing up, also thanks to the underground environment of Isernia, he became passionate about electronic music, production of it and club culture. In 2017 he joined the Roof Club project, and became a resident. His DJ sets, exclusively with vinyls, offer a wide selection of music ranging from 90s techno to the most recent minimal productions. In 2019 he founded the label Roof Records with his partners Paolo and Diego, where he recorded his first LP “The Truth Is Out There”. In December 2020 he made his second release for YAY Recordings, called “Frequencies from Isernia”. In august 2021 made his third release for Leon’s label Futura, called “Out of myself”.
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